Safety Reporting and Recognizing

Welcome to the Valley Metro Employee Reporting and Recognition website. The Safety, Security and Quality Assurance division is providing employees with a variety of ways to report safety issues or concerns, and also recognize fellow employees for exemplary safety practices.

Reporting Safety Concerns

Valley Metro employees can report any safety issues or concerns they see while at work on this website, or by calling the confidential reporting phone number at (833) 232-SAFE (7233). Concerns may range from cords impeding walkways to hazardous materials not being stored properly. By reporting issues on this website, or calling the secure line, improvements can be made to have a safer work environment for everyone.

You can remain anonymous when reporting on this website or calling the secure line.

Recognizing Safe Employees

Valley Metro employees are now able to recognize coworkers for their commitment to safety in the workplace. Keep an eye out now for team members who are showing strong safety practices and share these stories to have your coworker/s celebrated.